Christi Walsh

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Turning Your Real Estate Dreams into Reality, One Sparkling Step at a Time

Christi Walsh

NC & SC Broker/Realtor
Branch Manager Camden, SC Office
As an accomplished real estate professional with a heart for helping families find their dream homes, Christi Walsh brings a unique blend of experience and personal connection to the industry. Her journey from being a military wife to a dedicated real estate broker has equipped her with invaluable insights into the diverse needs of homebuyers and sellers.

Married for 15 years to Justin and blessed with three children and two furry companions, Christi understands the importance of finding a place that truly feels like home. Having lived in various corners of the United States due to her husband’s military service, she appreciates the significance of a well-rooted and comfortable environment.

Residing in Camden, SC, Christi’s experiences span across the nation, allowing her to build a wide network and a deep understanding of the real estate landscape. Her husband’s military background led her family on an adventure of living in different states, broadening her perspective and enhancing her adaptability.

Christi’s love for reading, appreciation for life’s sweet indulgences (chocolate, anyone?), and an affinity for all things sparkly reflect her vibrant personality. You can catch a glimpse of her life on Instagram @PinkShoeCloser, where she shares snippets of her real estate journey and life’s joyful moments.

Holding a Bachelor’s Degree in hospitality management from Kent State University, Christi’s educational foundation has lent itself well to her passion for providing exceptional service. Her commitment to hospitality extends beyond just transactions—it’s about making each client’s real estate experience a memorable and seamless one.

Christi’s quest for land for her own family’s future home brought her closer to the real estate industry. She recognized the high demand for acreage around Waxhaw, Indian Land, Van Wyck, and their surrounding areas. In her pursuit, she ventured to knock on doors, initiating conversations with landowners about the possibility of selling their cherished plots. This journey connected her with families who shared stories of generations living on these lands, further fueling her dedication to helping others secure their dream homes.

Leveraging her experience in locating suitable future homesites, Christi now serves as a dedicated Broker for Farms & Estates. Her mission is to guide you through the exciting journey of finding your ideal property, backed by her personal understanding, professional expertise, and commitment to excellence.