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Museum of the Waxhaws Land Parcel

Waxhaw, NC | $1,100,000 – currently appraised value
Here is a rare opportunity to procure a well-located land tract in Waxhaw. The property, which includes the amphitheater of the onetime Listen and Remember outdoor drama and the Scottish Games, adjoins Waxhaw Elementary School and the Museum of the Waxhaws. It is ideal for development as residential and possibly some mixed-use.

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Old Collins Livery Stable

Waxhaw, NC | From $450/Mo.
Here we offer a rare opportunity to lease a large on-street retail site and/or professional office space in an historic Waxhaw landmark building. Located within the central historic and business district of Waxhaw, NC is 2683 sq.ft. of first floor retail and five professional upstairs offices of varying sizes.

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Albemarle, NC | $950,000
This parcel is located on the south side of Highway 24/27 in very close proximity to Albemarle’s busiest commercial district. Traffic count along the front of the property is high. Terrain is gently rolling over most of the property, with steep slopes along the front and left side. Only ¼ mile west of the newly constructed WalMart Supercenter, which is on the same, south, side of the highway. Approximately 1 mile from Albemarle’s downtown business district.

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