Old Collins Livery Stable

121 South Broome Street | Waxhaw, NC 28173 | Union County

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From $450/Mo.

Here we offer a rare opportunity to lease a large on-street retail site and/or professional office space in an historic Waxhaw landmark building. Located within the central historic and business district of Waxhaw, NC is 2683 sq.ft. of first floor retail and five professional upstairs offices of varying sizes.


First Floor Retail: R1: 2,683 sq.ft.

Upstairs Offices: O1: 348 sq.ft. O2: 480 sq.ft. O3: 531 sq.ft. O4: 268 sq.ft. O5: 258 sq.ft.


First Floor Retail: This area is configured with three separate work/showroom areas, an office area, storage area, a loading/unloading section with handicap ramp, and one unisex restroom. On-site delivery access with temporary delivery parking, city street parking for customers.

Upstairs Office space:  All offices are accessed via a wide staircase off a small lobby independent of the retail section on the west side of the building. All offices are accessed by a wide central hallway which is provided natural light by two clerestory style cupulas. Transom windows in the hallway transfer this sunlight into each independent office. A large, centrally located unisex restroom serves the upstairs.

Utilities: Electricity to be supplied by owner and repaid monthly by tenant. Phone & Internet access to be supplied by owner with installation specific to each office and monthly service charge to be paid by tenant. Water supplied and paid by owner.

Building History:

Replacing the original Livery Stable that sat on the corner of South Main and Broome St which burned to the ground in 1932, the present day W. H. Collins and Son “ Mule Barn” as it’s fondly referred too, stands today as a reminder of the by gone days of Waxhaw.

As the name implies, the Livery Stable was of great service to the townsfolk as well as passers through. Locals in town for the day could find shelter, feed, and water for their horses, while attending to their shopping, and horse and buggies could be rented for transportation by “out of towners” in on business. Mules could also be purchased from the Livery Stable by farmers to supply the “horsepower” needed for the many small family farms common to our area in that day.

No longer useful for these bygone purposes, the Collins “Mule Barn”, has been meticulously restored by a great grandson of W.H. Collins. Though the building has found a new life and a modern usefulness, it still retains the rustic outward appearance of the Livery Stables of old.


First Floor Retail: To be determined / dependent on tenant use

Upstairs Offices: O1 – $675.00 per month O2 – $950.00 per month O3 – $1,025.00 per month O4 – $450.00 per month O5 – $450.00 per month

Terms: Escrow deposit equivalent to one month’s rent due at execution of lease. Monthly rental due within 10 days prior to occupation and first day of each month thereafter.
Offered by Roy Sansbury of Farms & Estates Realty, Inc.
Phone: (704) 843-1107 | roy@411land.com

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