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Our Town

Our History

Population as of 2016- 12,750

Waxhaw is a very historic town dating back to the 1700s.  The name, Waxhaw, came from the Waxhaw Indians who lived in this community.  The downtown area is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and many of the older buildings house antique shops, gift shops, and lots of great restaurants.  The town is divided by the railroad which was built in 1888 and brought prosperity to our little town.  The residents of Waxhaw are very committed to preserving its historic charm and authenticity.  It is a great town to work in.

Local Events:

Waxhaw is a very busy community with lots of fun and entertaining things to do year round. In April of every year, our firm hosts the annual Waxhaw Town and Country Run which always draws lots of participants and a big crowd. Please visit for a more detailed schedule and agenda for our quaint, historic village. To name a few:
  • Independence Day Parade
  • Spring Kaleidoscope Festival-Spring
  • Jammin’ By the Tracks-Every Friday June-August
  • Autumn Treasures- Second week of October
  • Festival of Lights
  • Christmas Parade
  • First Fridays
  • Waxhaw Farmers Market

Places to Visit


  • Rippington’s
  • Maxwell’s Tavern
  • Black Chicken
  • Heritage
  • Provisions Breakfast, Lunch counter
  • Dreamchaser’s Brewery

Local businesses

  • Stewart’s Pottery & Gallery – a beautiful gift shop specializing in pottery and hand made crafts.
  • Antique shops
  • The Bead Merchant
  • Waxhaw Reading Room – Used Bookstore
  • Waxhaw Tack Exchange
  • Provisions
  • Bike Depot
  • Dreamchaser’s Brewery

Things to do

  • Museum of the Waxhaws – Highway 75 – This is a very interesting complex with lots of Indian artifacts, collections, and the staff is well informed on the history of the community.  The museum also sponsors several major reenactments throughout the year and this is as authentic as it can be.  These guys are serious about their acting.
  • Cane Creek Park – a 1,050-acre park with a 300-acre lake for boating, swimming, fishing, and lots of other water activities!
  • JAARS – an international community where the Wycliff Bible translators work and live.  There is a great museum, specializing in South American lore.  The translators commute from the airport there. A really neat place.
  • Eight Legs Gallery – A unique art gallery where metal works are created into masterpieces.  Very interesting.
  • Queen’s Cup Steeplechase
  • Storefront Theatre
  • Waxhaw Sk8 Park
  • Harvey Clay Nesbit Park

Our Politicians

Mayor: Stephen E. Maher

Town Clerk: Melody Shuler


  • Fred Burrell
  • Paul Fitzgerald
  • Brenda Stewart
  • James Warner